Campground membership for sale

There is no better way to spend quality time with your family and loved ones than to go camping together.

Camping offers the greatest opportunities for a fun-filled and educational vacation. Taking the focus off our everyday busy lives and getting back in touch with nature can be one of the most rewarding gifts you can give to both yourself and your loved ones.

Buying a campground membership is easy and cost effective. You’re locking in future vacations for your family and building a lifetime of memories. By owning a campground membership you get access to the very best private campsites.

Safe, secure, clean and friendly are just a few of the most important aspects of an enjoyable camping trip, with private campgrounds, you’ll get them all.

When camping, the people around you can really make all the difference. Not just your friends, family and loved ones, but the other guests at the campsite as well. When you buy a campground membership everyone staying on the grounds has a membership too, and has paid their dues for the overall upkeep and maintenance of the campsite. This keeps the quality of the grounds and the guests at a much higher standard than when camping on a public campsite.

The best part of all is you’ll often see the same campers time and time again, which leads to friendship and camaraderie among both adults and children.

When you decide that purchasing a campground membership is right for your family, one of the most important choices to make is which resort will be your ‘home’ resort. Normally you’ll get to stay at your home resort either for free, or for a very low cost in comparison to other campground resorts. Your home park should be the campground you plan to visit most often, not only for week long vacations but for weekends or overnight getaways too.

Whether you’ve been camping for years or you’re just starting out, owning a campground membership will enhance your camping experiences greatly; better activities, amenities and facilities are just a step away.

Browse our extensive inventory of campground memberships for sale and find the best fit for your family today!